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It is the Mission of the McKeryn Bridge Foundation to identify and help those individuals and families who have, through no fault of their own, fallen into difficult circumstances. The Foundation provides financial support, on a case-by-case basis, to assist people with immediate needs navigate troubled waters and to bridge the gap back to their normal lives.

The Foundation’s Vision is to be able to gather a large number of like-minded individuals who believe that certain circumstances dictate unfortunate outcomes for some people; that those people deserve help, especially when no other assistance is available to aid them during their time of short-term need, and who are committed to provide needed support.

The Foundation’s Position Statement is as follows: To individuals and families who find themselves in dire financial circumstances, The McKeryn Bridge Foundation is the philanthropic organization that provides short-term financial relief. The Foundation has a network of caring people who want to help those in immediate need who have nowhere else to turn.

To submit an application for a grant click here: Grant Application

Upcoming Events

September 9, 2016

McKeryn Bridge Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala

Manchester Country Club


Gala Tickets ($150/ticket)

To purchase tickets, please enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase then click on the Donate button below, and then enter your amount ($150/ticket).

Past Events

December 13, 2015

4th Annual Toys for Tots Drive

For the fourth year in a row, the McKeryn Bridge Foundation sponsored their Annual Toys For Tots Drive (in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve) during the holiday season.  MBF board members, their friends, and families collected over 850 toys for the Toys for Tots campaign, insuring a brighter Christmas morning for many children in our community.  A huge thanks to those who contributed their time and/or toys to this very worthy cause!

November 23rd and 24th, 2015

Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

This Thanksgiving, the McKeryn Bridge Foundation was pleased to partner with the New Horizons Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry and Shelter to provide food baskets for over a hundred needy families in the Greater Manchester area.
Many thanks go out to our board member volunteers and their families who helped distribute baskets.

May 8th, 2015

An Evening in Italy!

May 17th, 2015


Bedford High School Senior, Ryan Brown, decided that for his Senior Project he would organize a golf tournament at Manchester Country Club to raise money for The McKeryn Bridge Foundation. Ryan is a Junior Ambassador for the foundation and captain of the school’s 2015 golf team. “I was happy to have so many members participate in our one-day tournament. I want to thank the club, all participants and congratulate the team of Mr. Ed Travelyn, Mr. Blake Love, Mr. Ron Roberts, and Mr. John Aubin for winning the day’s event. The $600.00 that we raised will be put to great use here in our community,” Brown said.

Ryan Brown with Ed Travelyn

Ryan Brown with Haden Edwards

The McKeryn Bridge Foundation assists individuals and families who, through no fault of their own, have fallen  into difficult financial circumstances.

December 13th, 2014 – Toys for Tots

Bring a unwrapped, new toy to the Toys R Us location across the street from the Mall of New Hampshire.

Media Contact: Haden Edwards, h@hcom.me


Manchester, NH – The McKeryn Bridge Foundation (MBF) is proud to be sponsoring their Third Annual Toys For Tots Drive this holiday season in partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

On December 13, 2014 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., the MBF will be accepting new, unwrapped toys at the Manchester Toys R Us, located at 2 Keller Street, Manchester NH (across from the Mall of NH).  A truck will be parked in the parking lot, accompanied by both Senior and Junior Ambassadors of the non-profit organization, where all unwrapped toys will happily be collected.

The McKeryn Bridge Foundation strives to help individuals and families who have, through no fault of their own, fallen into difficult financial circumstances.   Last year, the foundation collected and donated 985 toys to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots campaign!  This year, the foundation has set a goal to collect and donate 1,000 toys for the campaign in hopes of brightening Christmas morning for children within the community.

Junior Ambassador Ryan Brown said, “our foundation’s mission is to help those less fortunate, and this drive will assist struggling families to bring happiness to their children during the holiday season.”

We look forward to you joining us this holiday season in giving children a little extra something to be thankful for!


Contact: Haden Edwards at 603-661-4705

July 25th – July 27th, 2014

First Annual McKeryn Bridge Foundation Summer Celebration

December 14th, 2013


MANCHESTER, NH — The The McKeryn Bridge Foundation joined the mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program. Despite the frigid weather, the Foundation’s Junior Ambassadors collected 985 toys as Christmas gifts for the less fortunate children in the community (see some of the photos from the event)! Junior Ambassador McKenzie Brown said, “As young adults, we need to recognize our responsibility to give back to those less fortunate. This is a tremendous way to lift holiday spirits.”

October 26th, 2013

UPDATE – McKeryn Bridge Foundation Teams Up with NH Food Bank

Junior Ambassadors Collect Enough Food to Feed Nine Hundred

BEDFORD, NH — The Junior Ambassadors from the McKeryn Bridge Foundation collected 1,152 lbs. of food at a recent Stuff-a-Truck event. “That translates into 900 meals. We are all proud of the effort and the result” said event organizer, McKenzie Brown.

McKeryn Bridge Foundation Junior ambassadors.
Left to right: Morgan Edwards, McKenzie Brown, Kathlyn Rooney, Ryan Brown, Lilly Condylis.


McKeryn Bridge Foundation Teams Up with NH Food Bank

BEDFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – The McKeryn Bridge Foundation, in cooperation with the New Hampshire Food Bank, will hold a Stuff-The-Truck event on Saturday, October 26, 2013, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bedford residents, especially students, are being asked to bring non-perishable food items to Harvest Market on Rte. 101 in Bedford. Jr. “Ambassadors” from the foundation will be waiting to help people load the Food Banks’ special truck to support families who need help the most.

McKenzie Brown, a senior at Bedford High School and a Jr. Ambassador of McKeryn Bridge Foundation said, “We are asking Bedford’s families to be as generous as possible with their food contributions. Sometimes we take for granted that we can open a cabinet or refrigerator and there is food to eat. We forget that others might not have enough food on any given night. But there are many families that have to think about that every night. We should realize that this is a responsibility to help those less fortunate.”

The McKeryn Bridge provides aid to families in temporary financial hardship. The New Hampshire Food Bank is a vital distributor and supplier to the hunger relief agencies that serve meals and provide groceries to people experiencing the negative impacts of not having enough to eat. On average these agencies receive 40 percent of their food from the NH Food Bank.

December 22, 2012

Toys for Tots

The Mckeryn Bridge Foundation hosted a big push for the 2012 Toys for Tots program on December 22, 2012.

Thanks to Junior Ambassadors, McKenzie Brown, Ryan Brown, Morgan Edwards and a small army of volunteers from Bedford High School, the one-day drive was a huge success.

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McKeyrn Bridge Foundation Friends are those great individuals and families who have supported the foundation financially and with their time.

Friends of McKeryn Bridge Foundation

Peter & Christiane Ackerson
Matt & Kathleen Albuquerque
John & Karen Allard
Nicole Allard
Ron & Louise Allard
Dick & Dimitria Anagnost
Tom & Meg Anderson
Tom & Pat Anderson
John & Karen Andreoli
Shannon Arel
Bob & Susan Arnold
Rich & Lori Ashooh
Jim & Sue Bee
John & Kelly Belviso
Jeffrey & Michelle Benson
Tracey & Matt Berestecky
Brad & Buffy Bingham
Chris & Jeannie Bishop
Mandi Bishop
Duncan Black
Colby Boppel
Tom & Dana Boucher
Kevin & Cheryl Boyarsky
Gerald & Kate Brown
Larry & Lori Brown
Bob & Kathy Brown
Russell & Janice Brown
Thomas & Joan Buchanan
John & Chris Burke
Kevin & Tracy Burke
Stephen & Megan Cairns
Tim & Gail Callahan
Randy & Dodie Cameron
James Campbell
Jon & Olivia Carnevale
Kathleen & Chad Casamento
Jon & Jill Castle
Patrick & Wendy Caveny
Kristina Chow
Scott & Kathy Christensen
Dick & Lisa Codair
Bill & Claire Collins
Brian & Susanne Condon
Christopher Conkey
Ann & Bill Conrad
Mike & Peg Coons
Gregg & Lee Cooper
Susanna & Brian Corriveau
Harry Crews
Carol Cronin
John Crook
John Crowley
Eleanor Dahar
Leo & Elaine Damren
Ray D’Arcy
Diane Davidson
Tom & Lisa DeLacey
Jack Delaney
Jonathan Dennett
Andrea Deshaies
Shawn Devine
Bill & Debra Dimond
James & Janice DiStasio
Brian & Lisa Doherty
William & Dawn Donahue
Don & Carol Donovan
Dave & Amy Duchesneau
Andy & Jessica Dudley
Kevin & Debbie Duffy
Michael & Elizabeth Duncan
David & Sharon Eaton
Danny & Brittany Edmonds
Kathleen Edwards
Doug & Sheila Elliot
Steve & Lynne Ellis
Joseph & Jill Exner
Raef & Bethanne Fahmy
David & Martha May Fink
David & Laura Fontaine
Ken & Sue Foote
Brian & Carol Fradette
Peter & Ariana Franggos
Dave & Emily Gallagher
Matthew & Celia Gatsas
Ben Gayman
Gardner & Tracey Gendron
Marty & Nadine Ginsberg
Eric & Glenda Godshall
Eric & Christine Golden
Joe & Karen Graham
John & Cheryl Grant
Mark Green
Kip & Chris Griffin
Dan & Ardeth Griggs
Peter Hammond
Tom & Tara Hansen
Kathleen Harris
John & Leeanne Hayden
Brian & Linda Hayward
Sam & Elizabeth Heald
Bob & Lisa Heaps
Joe & Nancy Hedstrom
Jon & Ellen Hendrickson
April Hinton
John Howard
Jack & Suzanne Huse
Ed & Sarah Ibanez
Jack & Carol Isley
Jake & Jen Jachowicz
Bill Jaffe
George & Mary Johnson
John & Judy Kelly
Dean & Andrea Kenney
Chuck & Mary Kessler
Bill & Tracy Kramer
John & Elizabeth Krueger
Billy & Tia LaBerge
Jason & Sarah LaCroix
Edward & Linda Lane
Stan & Ellen Langer
Ron & Donna Langley
Mike & Caroline Lanoie
Joseph & Mary Jill LaRocca
Dave & Norma-Jean Larrivee
Dean & Beth Lavender
Mike & Leah Lee
Joe & Marie Lennon
Joe & Caroline Leto
Paul & Lauren Leyden
Scott Linehan
Jamie & Lauren Lipscomb
Bob & Dawne Litterst
Dick & Kathy Lombardi
Richard Lopez

Ian & Susan MacDermott
Mark & Sharon Maloney
Michael & Nicole Manni
Paul & Leslie Mansback
Dean & Terra Marcarelli
Mike & Michelle Marchand
Barbara Mariano
Mike & Kathy Martino
Andy & Carolyn Martone
Chris Masters
Chris & Mary Mastrogiacomo
Peter & Marjorie Matthews
Elizabeth Matthews
Justin & Heather Maykel
Sean & Jennifer McCarthy
Mike McDonough
Michael & Laura McGown
Bobby & Valerie McGuire
Kevin & Kristina McKeon
Kevin & Tricia McKowen
Bob & Moira McLaughlin
Matt & Deb McLaughlin
Eileen McNamara
Ted & Kim McNamara
Brendon & Jane Meehan
John & Diane Mercier
Marc Mercier
Larry & Hilary Meyers
Brian & Anne Mikol
Barry & Debbie Milberg
Kevin & Annette Miller
Dan & Joy Monfried
Shawn & Mary Monty
Charles & Laura Morgan
Michael Murphy
Tom & Madeleine Musgrave
Kurt & Julie Niebel
Charlie & Camilee Northrup
Janice Norwesh
Mark Novota
Alan Nutter
Tim & Nancy O’Connell
Scott & Debbie O’Connor
Daniel & Pam O’Shaughnessy
Ted & Teresa Osiecki
Rob & Jaime Parsons
Gene & Marie Pasquale
Kurt & Catherine Patten
Gary & Joyce Pedi
Kevin & Anne Phelan
Mike & Janet Portela
Dennis & Maureen Power
Rich & Barb Powlowsky
Gayle Prager
Bruce & Ashley Pratt
David & Leslie Prothro
John & Heidi Provencal
Ted & Natalie Purington
Dennis & Liz Purnell
Merrill & Sharon Pyes
Tim & Liz Quick
Bob & Diane Quinlan
Chris & Donna Ramsay
Heather Ramsey
Michael & Wendy Raymond
Brian & Beth Reilly
Shawn & Jennifer Reinert
Christopher & Leslie Riley
Tom & Diane Riley
Ron & Linda Roberts
Steve & Brenda Robinson
Paul & Lisa Rooney
Nancy & Brian Rooney
Jason Roth
Christina Rowen
Sam & Missy Ruddy
William & Diane Rue
Andy & Laurie Sanborn
Derek & Kathie Sanders
Carol Sanger
Jim and Maryann Scaia
Steve & Kate Schade
David & Erica Schmitt
Nick & Emily Shakra
Rich & Dot Sherman
Darlene & Steve Simmons
Karl & Leslie Slivka
Dana & Jennifer Solms
Stan & Patricia Spirou
William & Jayna Stevens
Craig Sutton
Fred Tauch
John & Grace Tenn
Mark & Jean Thompson
Joe & Karen Tiano
Wendy & Anthony Tirollo
Joanne Tranchmontagne
Ed & Jean Travelyn
John & Lynne Tyros
Meredith Tyros
Sarah Valentini
Laura & Sean Varley
Lou & Carol Volpe
Alex & Lisa Walker
Michael & Lacy Walker
Jim & Joann Walsh
John & Gail Weeks
Bill & Diane Weidacher
Matt & Kate Welch
Michael & Kristen Wenzel
Deb & Ken Whitten
Robyn Wiggin
Susan Williams
Jim & Deb Wing
Greg & Barbara Wipf
Keith Wood
Kevin & Annmarie Woods
Sarah & Eric Yeagle
Jeff & Cheryl Zarella

Anagnost Investments, Inc
Bedford Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry
Bob Mariano Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc.
Hanover Street Chop House
Kevin Doherty, Builder Inc.
JHK & Associates, PC
Lavanderia, Inc.
Manchester Country Club
PiF Technologies, Inc.
RH Laboratories
Shorty’s Forward, Inc.

Bettencourt Charitable Fund
Mary P. Costello Revocable Trust
Joyce Family Fund
Perkins-Prothro Foundation

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The McKeryn Bridge Foundation was the inspiration of one local family. They realized that there was an unmet need for charitable giving, people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in very difficult financial circumstances. These individuals do not meet the criteria of those that are chronically troubled, sick or disabled. Loss of jobs, fires, accidents and many other bad situations are beyond the scope of existing help in most communities.

Realizing the need that exists within our communities, the family assembled a small group of individuals who also realized that otherwise upstanding citizens were facing challenges that could be devastating to them and their families. The group organized and the McKeryn Bridge Foundation was formed.

Thank you
The McKeryn Bridge Foundation

© 2019 The McKeryn Bridge Foundation. All rights reserved.

Meet Some of Those We Have Helped

Young family

When their car broke down last spring, a family of five found themselves without the means to buy a replacement.  Shortly after, their newborn baby contracted a virus that led to a serious medical condition requiring frequent visits to specialists at a hospital almost 2 hours away. Without a car, their future was bleak. The McKeryn Bridge Foundation stepped in and was able to buy a car for the family. Obstacle overcome. A path forward.

Recovering from an injury

Another woman required surgery to remove a tumor from her back.  Working in the restaurant business, she needed to take 6 months off to recover from surgery and get physical therapy to get her back on her feet and back to work.  She was covered under the Family Medical Leave Act for the first 3 months, but needed help with monthly expenses for the 2nd half.  The McKeryn Bridge Foundation approved a grant to pay for her mortgage, car payment, insurance, and utilities, allowing her to focus on recuperating without the stress falling behind in her financial commitments.

Sacrificing basic needs

A hard-working man earned a living working in lumberyards and saw mills.  Years of physical labor left him permanently disabled and unable to work.  He moved in with his single-parent daughter and her two grandchildren to share living expenses and help his daughter with her 2 small children.  Even with the combined incomes, there was never enough left over for dental work.  Needing a full set of dentures, but unable to pay for it, he became a recluse, not leaving his house and finding it harder and harder to find foods he could eat.  The McKeryn Bridge Foundation granted the request and paid for a full set of dentures.  He is now happily eating and enjoying family reunions and the Deerfield fair.

Facing foreclosure

Both parents were hard workers, providing as best they could for their 2 children.  The mother, stricken with cancer, had to take time off from work for treatment.  The Family Medical Act helped cover some of their household expenses but did not make up for her lack of income.  One bill they could not pay was their mortgage.  When the mother was able to return to work, they tried making larger mortgage payments to pay down the back money they owed.  The mortgage company refused the payment plan, insisting they pay the entire amount owed or face foreclosure.  The McKeryn Bridge Foundation paid the overdue amount, and the family is back making the payments on their own.


A husband and father, diagnosed with a chronic debilitating disease after losing his job had no source of income.  His wife, a stay-at-home mother of 3 (one in college) hadn’t been a part of the work force for almost 20 years went back to work to support the family.  Starting at the bottom of the ladder, she worked tirelessly in multiple part-time positions.  She supported the family this way for 3 years, but was on the verge of losing the house.  Overwhelmed and having trouble getting on top of bills, the McKeryn Bridge Foundation paid the balance of her property tax bill and the balance of her car loan, enabling her to focus on the basic necessities.  Career-wise, she is now being considered for full-time jobs with benefits.

Transportation – a basic need

The mother of a teen-age girl with a rare chromosomal disease needed a specialized wheelchair van to transport her daughter who was getting too big to lift in and out of their 15-year old car.  With help from their community (and spaghetti dinners, auctions, and a Go-fund-me page), they came close to their $49,000 goal.  The McKeryn Bridge foundation was able to pay off the balance due for the car and the family is now mobile again.

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Advisory Board

Robert Brown, Foundation President, Bedford, NH
Kathy Brown, Bedford, NH
McKenzie Brown, Bedford, NH
Ryan Brown, Bedford, NH
Erik Brown, Bedford, NH
Regina Longfellow, Nashua, NH
Mary Monty, New Boston, NH
Jason LaCroix, Bedford, NH
William Donahue, Bedford, NH


Benjamin F. Gayman, of Counsel
Deborah Whitten, Accountant
Lori Ashooh, Administrator
Dan Troy, Consultant

In Memoriam

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